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2 Easy-to-Make Paper Booklets in the Classroom

Multi-page booklets are extremely handy in the classroom. They are great for many activities including organizing research or publishing finished work. However, the costs can quickly add up when you purchase these types of booklets at stores.  Here are a couple of thrifty, easy-to-make, multiple page booklets that will save you not only money, but time in the classroom. The only materials you need to make these booklets are paper and a pair of scissors.

1. The Half Page Booklet 

This half page booklet has quite a few advantages. First, it has a large writing space for students. Secondly, you are not limited to a set number of pages.  Third, there is not much folding or cutting involved.


  1. Grab a few sheets of paper and fold them in half (hamburger style).
  2. Open the pages back up.
  3. Grab one sheet of paper and carefully bend it without folding it (hotdog style).
  4. Cut on the fold starting on the bent side of the paper until you have about an inch left.
  5. Put the paper aside and grab the other sheets of paper that you originally folded as well.
  6. Cut about an inch at the top of the fold and about an inch at the bottom of the fold. 
  7. Carefully bend the pages and insert them into the cut of the first paper.
  8. Adjust the pages to make a booklet. 

2. The 6-Page Mini Booklet

For the 6-page mini booklet, it is important to go over the creases multiple times to make it easy to fold.


  1. Grab one sheet of paper and fold it in half (hamburger style).
  2. Fold it down one more time in the same direction. 
  3. Open up the booklet.
  4. Fold it in half in the other other direction (hotdog style).
  5. Open the booklet.
  6. Refold the booklet to the original first fold (hamburger style).
  7. Starting at the fold, cut on the crease until you get to the 'intersection' of lines.
  8. Open the booklet again, and fold it in the opposite direction (hotdog style).
  9. Squeeze the booklet together so it creates a diamond shape in the cut portion and then comes together.
  10. Fold over the isolated side of the booklet. 

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