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6 Ways Page Protectors Make Life Easier in the Classroom

Page protectors are a great reusable resource that can help you keep things in your classroom organized, as well as helping you save from making an abundance of copies.

Here are 6 different ways you can use page protectors in your classroom:

1.  Pockets in a Binder

Page protectors make perfect pockets inside of binders. You can use them to add collections of various things including notes from parents inside a parent communication binder. This allows you to quickly sort and file them in case you need to go back to any in the future. 

2.  White Boards

Placing a card stock sheet of paper inside a clear (smooth) pocket protector makes a very inexpensive and easy-to-store alternative to expensive and cumbersome white boards. You easily store them in a binder or bin. A suggestion is to use ONLY black dry erase markers on student white boards. They wipe off much easier, and do not leave 'ghost' writing behind like colored dry erase markers tend to do.

3.  Play-Doh Work Mats

Page protectors are great when using Play-Doh with grammar work mats. It keeps the Play-Doh from sticking to the paper, and keeps things tidy. You can easily change out the work mats as often as needed without having to laminate them, which we know can be both expensive if you buy the lamination yourself and time consuming having to cut out the lamination each time.

4.  Reusable Practice Pages 

Placing practice pages, such as spelling practice pages and multiplication practice pages, in page protectors is a great way to get multiple uses out of them. This is a great alternative to having to make huge amounts of copies, and are a great resource for a reading or math centers. 

5.  Weekly Quotes/Vocabulary/Figurative Language

If you do "Quote of the Week," "Word of the Week," "Idiom of the Week," "Root of the Week," "Character Trait of the Week," or anything "of the Week" in your classroom, you can use page protectors to display them on your classroom door or board. Again, it's any easy way to be able to protect the page while being able to change it out quickly.

6.  Bulletin Board Work

Staple or clip them on to a bulletin board, place a number or name by each one, and use it to display student work. The wonderful thing here is that you could literally have a student change out the work for you without the worry of having them staple their finger, or pinch themselves with a staple remover. 😰

One suggestion to consider when choosing your page protectors is to make sure they say "clear" on the packaging. These will be the smooth page protectors which will allow the text to be seen clearly. These pages will also make writing and erasing easier.

Do you have any additional uses for page protectors in your classroom? I'd love to hear about them. 😀

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