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Thrifty Remedies for the Summer Munchies

All that summer fun brings on the munchies, so today I am providing a list of some restaurants that have special weekday deals to help you fuel up without spending much dough this summer.

Mondays: $.65 wings 4pm to closing 
                   (dine in only)
Wednesdays: Kids Eat Free with the purchase of an adult meal 4pm to 9pm

          Sundays and Wednesdays: 
                              $.49 hamburgers and $.69 cheeseburgers
          Mondays: $.99 Nuggets

          Wednesdays: You can find everything on the menu for $1 (some restaurants have changed it to 5 for $5, so please call ahead)

          Tuesdays: Kids eat FREE 4pm to 10pm

~ Lime
         Tuesdays: Kids eat FREE from 5pm to 9pm with the purchase of an adult meal

       Mondays: Pan con Bistec $3
       Tuesdays: Frita $2
       Wednesdays: Steak Bowl $4

Everyday in June: $5 Adult Buffet in June until 4pm

       June:  June $3 six inch Black Forest Ham Sub
$5 Footlongs: B.L.T., Cold Cuts, Veggie Delite, Egg and Cheese

Wednesdays: Sundae’s are BOGO

Free lunch during weekdays. Refer to my “Ready for Summer Fun?” blog entry for the link.

Just as a reminder, any of these deals can change at any moment, so make sure to contact your local restaurant to confirm their specials. If you know of any other deals that are not mentioned, please feel free to leave it in the comment box.

Enjoy your summer meals and BON APPETIT

~Your Thrifty Co-Teacher,