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FREE iPad apps for education: Vol. 4 - Social Studies Apps

Here we are, already on Volume 4 of the 5 Volume Series: FREE iPad apps for education.  I hope you have found at least a few apps that you will be able to use with students in your classroom. Today I am focusing on Social Studies, one of my favorite topics to teach in fifth grade.

It amazes me how my students leave my class each year telling me how social studies is one of their "new" favorite subjects. You see, the fifth grade curriculum covers U.S. History, including the American Revolution. I mean really, what 11 year old doesn't like stories about battles, defeats and victories? I feel that social studies is just storytelling, which kids are naturally inclined to enjoy. Now, add in a few iPads with these interactive apps, and what kid wouldn't be hooked? So let's get this show on the road, and let me introduce you to some apps I think merit some attention.

iLearn:Continents and Oceans:

This app is a neat way to learn where the continents and oceans are located, as well as their names. There are three formats to this game:

  1.      Learn mode: allows you to tap, highlight and see the names
  2.      Game mode: allows you to identify as many as you can in one minute, earning bonus points the      faster you complete the task
  3.      Quiz mode: asks you to identify, and gives you a score based on the number of attempts

A simple, fun, and attractive app that gets the job done.

PicKids States:

This app is extremely simplistic, yet once again, I can think of so many great was to elaborate on it. This app shows four states with each of their capitals.  It then gives the name of one of the four states shown and the student needs to click on the correct state.

An idea would be to have a worksheet with the names of the states, and as the student works with the app, they record the corresponding capital. One can also have a group of students competing against each other to see who gets the most correct in a minute. (You would need to provide a tally chart and timer.)

This company also has another app that is similar called PicKids Presidents.

Free US Trivia (Capital edition):

This US State Capital Trivia game has five different levels to play. The scoreboard allows you to play against the clock and friends from around the world. There is a Study Hall section where you can go to as a quick reference.

July 4th Fun, Facts andTrivia:

This Trivia Quiz game contains 50 questions dealing with facts about July 4th and the Declaration of Independence. There are three categories you can choose from: All 50, Noteworthy and Founding Fathers. There is a training mode, as well as a competition mode within the app. Questions are a multiple-choice format and after each question, the correct answer is provided.  High scores are recorded and saved.  As an American Revolution buff, I have to say, I really enjoyed this app. =)

I hope you take a moment to play with some of these apps. WARNING: some are a bit addicting. 

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