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FREE iPad Apps for Education: Vol. 3 - Reading and Language Arts Apps

Welcome back to my FREE iPad Apps series! (If this is your first time visiting, welcome! Be sure to go back and read volumes 1 and 2 to read about FREE iPad Apps for Math and Science.) 

Once again, here is the schedule for apps:

Volume 1 - Math Apps
Volume 2 - Science Apps
Volume 3 - Reading Apps
Volume 4 - Social Studies Apps
Volume 5 - Multiple Subject Apps

Today I will be introducing a few reading and language arts apps I have found, that as promised, are FREE and should not have any in-app purchase capabilities. These are great to use in centers, or as morning work assignments if you are one of the fortunate ones who will have 1:1 iPads in your class. To go directly to the app, click on the app title next to the bullet point. That will direct you to the app in the iTunes store. 

Many teachers are familiar with the Spelling City website, but now there is an iPad app as well. It contains 10 words lists and multiple activities to practice the meaning and spelling of words. Custom word lists may be entered by registered members which is free to do on their website.

Grammar Jammers is a cute, simplistic, review app that goes over adjectives, contractions, nouns, pronouns, punctuation, sentences and verbs. I would probably use it with first and second grade students as review after introducing all the concepts. There is an elementary edition, but is for purchase in the app store.

This app has such great possibilities in class! The more I played with it, the more ideas I came up with. Some of its features are:

  • a glossary of words, which is a nice reference for kids who may not be familiar with certain words. 
  • a Read Aloud option, a Read With Pause option, and an  I Can Read  It option. 
  • a 'click on the word' option to hear the specific word read aloud.
  • a 'parent' feature repeated throughout the pages in the text. This feature presents a question about the text. You can use this at the teacher station to discuss the text, or make a worksheet with the questions for independent centers and review them later in a small or whole group setting.
I also love that it states the moral of the story at the end which makes a great lesson or activity on "theme." The possibilities are endless. has another similar app called The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

DEFINITELY, an app I would use in my fifth grade reading groups. I love the possibilities.

If you are a pre-K or Kindergarten teacher teaching your students how to write their letters and numbers, then this app is for YOU! It is colorful, bright, interactive and just plain fun. Check it out!

The Nook and Kindle apps might also be something you would be interested in as they are FREE apps, and there are countless FREE books that you can download into the app. Some titles are always available for FREE while others are available FREE for a limited time. One example is: 

This book is presently available for FREE on the Kindle app, originally $5.99.

I would love to know what FREE reading and language arts iPad apps you use with your students or kids at home. Please feel free to share them in the comment box below. 

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