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Free Online Books for Kids

As educators, we know that the best way to improve or sustain students' reading skills and comprehension is to have students read regularly or listen to books being read. Unfortunately, when students are out of school whether due to breaks in the school year or due to unexpected natural disasters, they don't always have access to books nor opportunities to participate in read alouds. Fortunately, if students have access to the internet, there are some websites that offer free online books for kids. These resources make reading accessible for many of these upper elementary students who otherwise might not get the opportunity to read when school is not in session.

Fun Test Prep Games Your Students Can Play Today

Engaging and fun test prep game ideas for your upper elementary classroom that you can implement today!

Gamifying, a recently coined term meaning the act of adding games or game-like elements to an activity to encourage participation, is a great technique to use with your upper elementary students during any type of test prep, especially with fifth grade students during state testing prep season. Test prep games and activities bring out the natural competitiveness in students and helps them get excited about an otherwise monotonous task.

There are quite a few easy to implement games that you can you use on the spot to engage your students during test prep, no expensive games nor fancy boards needed, unless of course you'd like to include them. 😉

A Creative Women's History Month Research Activity for Elementary Students

March is Women's History Month and a great opportunity for elementary students to participate in research activities that hightlight remarkable female leaders. This activity offers students a creative way of sharing information they have learned and synthesized with their peers.

March is Women's History Month. A month to recognize and celebrate all the influential women from the past and in the present. A month to focus on these remarkable female leaders and to share the importance of their accomplishments with our students. 

In the upper elementary grades, reading books about influential women and having students complete research projects to share with their classmates are great ways to highlight these important women and their contributions to our society.

One of my favorite activities to assign to my students is the "Purse" research project. It not only gives students the opportunity to research an influential woman, but it encourages them to think a little further and allows them to get creative which most of them really enjoy.

Women's History Month Picture Books for Upper Elementary Students

36 Women's History Month picture books to read aloud to your upper elementary students that will inspire them and educate them on the contributions made by many influential women of the past and in the present.

March is Women's History Month and a perfect time to highlight the accomplishments of influential women with picture books in the classroom. Picture books are a great way to give access to students to historical events and influential women of the past and the present. They are also a great way to spark conversations about the pioneers in different industries and the challenges they had to overcome to reach their dreams, in turn helping students develop an appreciation for how far women have come throughout history.

This post highlights different picture books you can read to your upper elementary students to expose them to a variety of influential women. 

How to Promote a Love of Reading in Your Classroom

Here are a few ideas you can implement right away to help promote the love of reading in your classroom.

As teachers, we know that 'being a reader' has lifelong benefits, but sometimes getting students to love to read is not as easy at it sounds.

Some students have a hard time finding books or authors that peek their interest. Exposing them to different books is key in helping them find authors, series, or genres they like. It's also just as important to provide windows of time where they actually have time to read for pleasure. 

This may sound like a time consuming task, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few ideas that you can implement in your classroom to help promote the love of reading in your classroom starting this week.

Idiom Fashion Show Classroom Transformation

Classroom transformations are one of my favorite ways to engage students in their learning, and this idiom t-shirt fashion show classroom transformation was no exception. This classroom transformation was a unique way of having students display their published work while spectators were able to review their knowledge of idioms. Not only was this fashion show classroom transformation thrifty, but it is took less than 15 minutes to set up.

Classroom transformations are one my favorite ways to get students engaged with their learning. Not only do students not feel like they are actually working, but it creates memories for them that last a lifetime and increases their retention of the skills being taught. This year, I implemented an Idiom Fashion Show classroom transformation as an extension to our Idiom T-Shirt Activity. It was a very engaging way to have students present their idiom t-shirt projects in a non-traditional way, and the best part was that it was extremely "thrifty" and quick to set up.

Martin Luther King Jr. Read Alouds for Upper Elementary

A list of Martin Luther King, Jr books for kids that are perfect read alouds to use with upper elementary students.

Looking for some Martin Luther King Jr books for kids? Particularly, ones that you can share with your upper elementary students? Here is a list of books you can use as read alouds in your classroom to introduce them to the man who helped shape American culture.

You can find many of these Martin Luther King Jr books for kids at your local library, school library, as read alouds on YouTube, or you can purchase them online or at your local bookstore.